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This is our 3rd public Windows Phone app (and 4th overall one) now available in the Marketplace. Flight Status India (FSI, in short) is a new, and as far as I know, the only app for seeing live flight status for airlines and airports in India. So if you (or someone close to you) is a frequent traveller, this is a must have app for you. You can find it here at the Marketplace.


When you start up FSI, you are presented with a screen from where you can start your query. You can query in two different ways:

By Flight Number: You can choose the flight operator code from the drop down and enter the flight number in the text box on the right.

By Airport City: You can select from any of the major cities in this option and get to see the live status of flights to or from here.

You can of course choose to see flights for the current day or one day previous or subsequent as well as the departure or arrival status of these flights.


When you select a flight operator by its code and then enter the number of the flight, you can search for that flight specifically. The airlines supported in this release are:

  • Jet Airways (9W)
  • Kingfisher (IT)
  • Indigo (6E)

There are many more airlines planned to be supported in the future. Once you’ve selected the status type and the date, simply click the large button at the bottom to retrieve the live status. You will need an Internet connection at this point to be able to get the live status from the online service.


When the data is retrieved, you will be shown the details of that flight (if found) for that date as well as the current status. You can also see the scheduled and expected time of arrival or departure in this screen. In case you wish to refresh the data, the first icon on the application bar at the bottom lets you do that.

Some flights have multi-city hops. In case such a flight is retrieved, you will get multiple “pages” of information – one for each hop. You can browse the status for each hop by using the back and forward navigation icons at the bottom of the screen.


In case you had selected an airport city, you can optionally also enter a flight city as the origin or destination. If you do not enter this, you will be able to see a list of all flights arriving or departing the selected city. In this version, the following airport cities are supported:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad

The same large button at the bottom will try and retrieve the live status from the Internet service.


You will get to see a list of flights to or from the selected city – optionally filtered to the city you set as the origin or destination. You can scroll through this list and view the list of flights and their current status and expected time of arrival or departure. You can again refresh the screen with the button below.

The trial version of the app has the following limitations - You can only query Jet Airways (9W) or Delhi airport. The other airlines and cities are available only in the full version of the application.

As I mentioned above, we are planning on adding more airlines and cities in future versions. So do keep a lookout for them.

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It seems like a useful application. Do you have that for other mobile OS platforms too?

January 27. 2012 04:52 | Sam Wales United States |

No. This is a Windows Phone exclusive app.

January 29. 2012 16:28 | vinod United States |

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